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Innocent, easily confused and very impressionable, Ugly doesn''t understand why it is wrong being different. However, his insecurities melt away as his character gradually changes from a gullible...
The headmaster of the ducklings'' school. The Turkey is a bit snobbish and joins in the fun of teasing Ugly. There is of course 1 ms word that send shivers down his spine.
Beaky, Fluff, Billy, Downy are Ugly''s siblings cute little kid types. They are among the "popular" ones in the duck yard who enjoy making Ugly feel left out.
The sly, cunning villain of the show. The Cat pretends to be Ugly''s friend so he can eat him.
A laidback, self confident frog with whom Ugly comes into contact in the 2nd half of the show.
A moorhen and Ida''s best friend. (Originally found on the moors, a moorhen is a hen that lives near the water.) Maureen genuinely loves Ida, but she can''t resist a bit of good gossip. To the little...
The young, beautiful swan that Ugly saves from a tangled fishing net. She is able to see beyond Ugly''s looks and she loves him for who he is.
An investigative reporter. A very "in your face" bird, all she/he cares about is getting a good story. She/He is the typical TELEVISION news personality who 1 would find on a reality TELEVISION show...
A hen and another of Maureen''s friends. Henrietta and Maureen gossip about the goings on in the duck yard. She takes great pleasure in making fun of Ugly.
Ugly''s mom. Ida is extremely protective of her son and committed to his safety. She is sweet but feisty, and she knows how to handle her husband, Drake. After Ugly is lured away from the barnyard by...

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